Schmitz clinches Late Model title, Reagan wins wild 100-lap Enduro at the LoanMart Madera Speedway By Ronald Montez

As the 2014 season begins to wind down at the LoanMart Madera Speedway, chances for all drivers to earn any last-minute precious points are dwindling.

On Saturday night (September 20), those drivers in the local classes and 100-lap Enduro race showed their urgency as they put on yet another impressive performance while two driver's had their seasons end with the ultimate prize - a track championship each in their respective class.

There was even more on the line as it was triple the points night for all the divisions including the LunkerDaddy Late Models, Hobby Stocks, MST'S, Toyota Sedans, 4-Bangers and the Enduro division.

While tripling the points could certainly help drivers boost their chances of claiming a track title for the upcoming championship race in October, it nearly cost Tony "The Tiger" Schmitz another LunkerDaddy Late Model crown.

Schmitz - the 2012 champion and 2013 runner-up - captured this season's championship trophy by the skin of his teeth with a third place finish in the 30-lap main won by Aaron Mullins.

"It took a lot of luck," Schmitz said of winning his second title in three years. "It's a lot of work and coming into tonight we just had to stay one spot in front of or behind the No. 88 car (Emma Tucker). That was our goal. If we could see her car, then we're going to win the championship."

It was easier said than done as Tucker - the division's runner-up - wanted a championship of her own and challenged Schmitz the entire 30 laps.

While Mullins clearly led from start to finish, Schmitz was in a steady second while Tucker shadowed him in the third position.

Because of the number of points that could be earned, Schmitz knew coming in that he couldn't afford to have a major let down in his final race of the season.

"These triple the point nights just seem to kill me," he said. "We went into last year leading the points and lost the championship by one on triple points night. Just like last season, we came in with a good lead and almost lost it all but we ran hard tonight."

On the final lap, Schmitz was heading for the finish line before his car was nudged by Tucker which caused him to spin around. While most drivers would be upset with the situation, Schmitz was well aware that Tucker's move officially clinched the championship for him.

"I knew what I had to do to finish in front of her," Schmitz said. "I was doing that and then she got into me and turned me around coming to the checkered (flag). The rule is if you spin somebody out, then you go to the back and it worked out. My spotter told me on the radio that she was going to spin me and she did."

The spinout by Schmitz allowed Madera's own Del McIntosh to take second in the main.

Overall, Schmitz officially finished with 588 points and three main wins this season while Tucker fell just short with 573 points. She began her evening by posting the top qualifying time (16.032) and winning the six-lap heat.

After the race, Schmitz took a victory lap around the "Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West" and celebrated with a donut burnout on the front straightaway.

"We're going to run as many LoanMart Late Model Series as we can but we're not going to chase points next year," Schmitz said when asked about his goals for next season.

Also taking part in the race was Hobby Stocks champion Don Selsor.

After the Late Models and Hobby Stocks exited the track, 16 Enduro drivers began to occupy the asphalt surface for the 100-lap main.

In the 'just about anything goes' race, it was Enduro driver Robert Reagan who once again earned the win just as he did in his last appearance in the Mountain Man 150 on August 16.

"It just takes a lot of work and time put into it," Reagan said after the race in victory lane.

Reagan began the race in fifth and passed three cars to get completely into second behind Steve Schermerchorn, who roughly led for the first 25 laps.

With his No. 810 car resembling that of an old-fashioned police car complete with flashing red and blue lights, it looked as if Reagan was pursuing Schermerchorn on a high-speed 'cop-and-robbers' chase.

"It's just for show and it's a lot of fun for the fans," Reagan said of his car's design.

The hunter became the hunted after Reagan passed Schermerchorn to lead the race.

In a loony main that had cars right and left either spinning out, heavily smoking from their engine, or bumping into each other - Reagan remained in front until his car hit the wall on Lap 38.

Despite the setback, Reagan eventually regained his lead after the drivers returned from their brief break on Lap 50.

"There's always doubt," Reagan answered after being asked if he thought it would be tough to comeback.

Reagan eventually found his winning groove and finished 8.160 seconds ahead of David Etheridge while Loren Chitwood took third.

With the 250-lap Enduro championship race set for October 25 in the 8th annual Pumpkin Smash, Etheridge still remains as the points leader while Reagan closed the gap to 26 with his recent triumph.

Big triple point main winners on the night also included Jason Lawton (Toyota Sedans, 30 laps), Jason Bowersox (MST's, 30 laps) and Miles Humphreys (4-Bangers, 15 laps).

The Madera Speedway returns Saturday (September 27, 2014) for Race No. 7 of the $1,000 to win (plus Bonus Bucks by LoanMart and Hoosier) featuring the LoanMart Open Late Model Series 100 laps (split 50's), Race No. 7 of the Hobby Stock Open Series, Legends of the Pacific, MST's, Toyota Sedans, 4-Bangers, Mini Cup and 18-Second Bracket race.


Enduros - 100 Laps
1. Robert Reagan
2. David Etheridge
3. Loren Chitwood
4. Jacob Robert
5. Richard Herzog
6. Steve Wasson
7. Steve Schermerchorn
8. Marisa Odgers
9. Jason Sitton
10. Antonio Mentzer
11. Rick Anderson
12. Randy Gens
13. Britt Wasson
14. Cody Gibson
15. Robert Smith
16. Austin Gens

LunkerDaddy Late Models - 30 Laps
1. Aaron Mullins
2. Del McIntosh
3. Tony Schmitz
4. Emma Tucker
5. Howard Holden (Open Hobby Stocks)
6. Don Selsor (Hobby Stocks)

Toyota Sedans - 30 Laps
1. Jason Lawton
2. Tim Curtis
3. Dean Gould
4. Brennen Mankin
5. Donnie Large
6. Chris Altuvilla
7. Thomas Magray
8. Sarah Vivian

MST's - 30 Laps
1. Jason Bowersox
2. Kevin Thompson
3. John Bowersox
4. Dave Lander
5. Zachary Cook
6. John Benedict
7. Tim Kammerer

4-Bangers - 15 Laps
1. Miles Humphreys
2. Jadon Harrington
3. Michael Congdon
4. Kelly Brownell

Heat Race - 6 Laps

LunkerDaddy Late Models
1. Emma Tucker
2. Aaron Mullins
3. Del McIntosh
4. Tony Schmitz
5. Howard Holden (Open Hobby Stocks)

Toyota Sedans - Heat 1
1. Tim Curtis
2. Jason Lawton
3. Dean Gould
4. Brennen Mankin

Toyota Sedans - Heat 2
1. Donnie Large
2. Chris Altuvilla
3. Thomas Magray
4. Sarah Vivian

MST's - Heat 1
1. Kevin Thompson
2. Jason Bowersox
3. Dave Lander
4. Zachary Cook

MST's - Heat 2
1. John Bowersox
2. Tim Kammerer
3. John Benedict

Hobby Stocks - 4 Laps
1. Don Selsor

1. Michael Congdon
2. Miles Humphreys
3. Jadon Harrington
4. Kelly Brownell

Qualifying - 2 Laps

LunkerDaddy Late Models
1. Emma Tucker 16.032
2. Tony Schmitz 16.053
3. Aaron Mullins 16.145
4. Del McIntosh 16.350

Toyota Sedans
1. Jason Lawton 17.763
2. Donnie Large 17.776
3. Tim Curtis 17.855
4. Chris Altuvilla 17.876
5. Brennen Mankin 17.979
6. Sarah Vivian 18.202
7. Dean Gould 18.220
8. Thomas Magray 18.583

1. Kevin Thompson 17.081
2. John Bowersox 17.137
3. Jason Bowersox 17.284
4. Tim Kammerer 17.464
5. Dave Lander 17.517
6. John Benedict 17.517
7. Zachary Cook 17.613

Hobby Stocks
1. Don Selsor 18.908

1. Miles Humphreys 19.627
2. Michael Congdon 19.698
3. Kelly Brownell 19.742
4. Jadon Harrington 20.043

Nichols tops Rodella in Speedway Harvest Classic duel
By Mark Smith
The Madera Tribune

The LoanMart Madera Speedway wrapped up its annual two-day Harvest Classic Saturday night as two drivers in a zippy car class gave fans arguably one of the best races all season in a duel for first, with the winner coming back after late-race contact that sent him to last place.
In the United States Auto Clab/Bay Cities Racing Association Midgets, top qualifier Chad Nichols - in the orange 17 car - had his eyes on the checkered flag from the outset of the 30-lap race and started outside the top three.

Starting from the second spot, Jerome Rodella and his electric blue five car was also hungry for victory, as he moved into first within three laps.

For the next five turns around "The Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West," Nichols first moved into third place behind the three car of David Goodwill, then pushed hard for the second position as he kept trying to power underneath Goodwill going into turns and was finally succesful.
From then on, it was the orange of Nichols versus the blue of Rodella.

Nichols stayed right on Rodella's bumper as the two flew into turns and even tried to squeeze into narrow gaps on the inside line, but Rodella continually boxed him out to keep his lead.
In lap 15, the two had to suspend their battle when Tommy McCarthy's engine apparently blew and sprayed oil all over the high line in turn one, forcing a red flag as crews performed extensive cleanup.

Once the race restarted, Rodella and Nichols were at it again, until lap 18 when Nichols again tried to go on the inside line, but hit Rodella's back-left wheel then spun out, forcing a yellow flag which sent him to the back of the pack.

But that wasn't going to stop him.
In the final 10 laps of the race, Nichols - who later said he "was on a rail" - drove like a man possessed.

By lap 20, Nichols was in fourth place.
Three laps later, he was in third after getting by past USAC/BCRA winner Nick Chivello.
After Jarid Bondel spun out on his own, Nichols was again in second place with less than five laps to go, and he said he knew Rodella wasn't going to give him the win.

"I actually thought (Rodella) had the faster car so I was really pushing it there at the end," Nichols said. "I saw him in front of me and I was on a rail, so I went for it."

In lap 29, with only one lap to go, Nichols pulled the trigger.

As Rodella entered turn three, Nichols slid hard underneath him and took the lead, but as Nichols moved to the outside line Rodella swooped back underneath in to first, only to see Nichols steal it back when he accelerated out of turn four into the final lap and the eventual checkered flag, accompanied by raucous cheers from the crowd.

"I'm on cloud nine, man," Nichols said in victory lane. "I just gave it all I could. And honestly it was kind of fun having cars to pace off of from the back of the pack there. I really didn't think I was going to have time to catch (Rodella) but lap traffic helped me late it was really a ton of fun and a great race."

"My car was getting looser and looser there at the end," Rodella said of his second-place finish. "I was struggling and losing a lot of time. But it's good, I haven't raced for five years. Second's first loser and I thought we had it, but sometimes it just doesn't go that way."

Other winners on the night included: Scott Alves as he cruised to a Twisted Tea Open Modified Series win - though Victor Machado was crowned season champion in points; 15-year-old Toni Breidingar in the USAC HPD Midgets; Audra Sasseli in yet another Northern California Modified Association Sprints victory; and DJ Hamilton in a rare winged sprints car win during the 360/410 Super Modified vs. Winged Sprint Series, though super modified driver Kyle Vanderpool ended up the points champion this season.

Before and in between the night's races, the popular, and always awe-inspiring sport of tractor pulling had its own time to shine, as a host of massive tractors and modified pickup trucks took turns dragging a 38,000-pound sled as far as possible.

With engines that likely could be heard miles away, many of the great mechanical beasts - such as the gigantic, 8,000-pound monster Max Kakl driven by Donnie Fagundes- roared to life on the track's infield to the delights of the crowd, churning up dirt and dragging the sled as far as 348 feet.

The Speedway will return Saturday, Sept. 20 for a night of racing entertainment with a triple-point, 100-lap Enduro race.

Also on that night's schedule are: the LunkerDaddy Limited Late Models, Hobby Stocks, MST's, Toyota Sedans, and 4-Bangers.

For information, visit or call (559) 673-7223.



360/410 Super Modifieds vs. Winged Sprints (50 laps)
DJ Hamilton
Kyle Vanderpool-(-1.735)
Cody Gerhardt-(-2.380)
Tim Skoglund-(-5.377)
Donnie Large-(4 laps)
Eric Humphries-(34 laps)
Alan Beck-(42 laps)
Marvin Mitchell-(45 laps)

Twisted Tea Open Modified Series (60 laps, 30-lap split)
Scott Alves
Robbie Knittel-(-0.438)
Dave Campbell-(-0.888)
Victor Machado-(-1.329)
Rick Anderson-(-2.089)
Mike Regelman-(-2.458)
Nathan Smith-(-2.882)
Rodney Tripp-(-4.222)
Keegan Walmer-(57 laps)

USAC/BCRA Midgets (30 laps)
Chad Nichols
Jerome Rodella-(-0.416)
Nick Chivello-(-1.933)
David Goodwill-(-3.428)
Jarid Bondel-(-5.507)
Kevin Morris-(-5.944)
Gary Conterno-(-7.340)
JR Williams-(1 lap)
Tommy McCarthy-(15 laps)
Cody Gerhardt-(19 laps)
Floyd Alvis-(29 laps)

USAC HPD Midgets (30 laps)
Toni Breidingar
Dylan Nobile-(-1.014)
Cody Jessop-(-3.038)
Christine Breckenridge-(-4.572)
Tom Patterson-(-9.778)
Shawn Buckley-(-10.657)
Duke Love-(-11.855)
Annie Breidingar-(-12.706)
Courtney Crone-(-13.180)
Joel Rayborne-(-14.964)
Jesse "James" Burks-(1 lap)
Ashley Hazelton-(1 lap)

NCMA Sprints (30 laps)
Audra Sasseli
David Goodwill-(-1.624)
Denny Burell-(-6.034)
Carl Mott-(-9.140)
David Burcett-(1 lap)
Don Arriaz-(26 laps)


360/410 Super Modifieds vs. Winged Sprints (Heat 1, 6 laps)
Kyle Vanderpool
Tim Skoglund-(-0.979)
Eric Humphries-(-1.866)
DJ Hamilton-(-3.459)

360/410 Super Modifieds vs. Winged Sprints (Heat 2, 6 laps)
Donnie Large
Cody Gerhardt-(-0.858)
Alan Beck-(-6.243)
Marvin Mitchell-(5 laps)

USAC/BCRA Midgets (Heat 1, 8 laps)
Chad Nichols
David Goodwill-(-0.693)
Jerome Rodella-(-1.177)
Gary Conterno-(-4.279)
JR Williams-(-7.707)

USAC/BCRA Midgets (Heat 2, 8 laps)
Nick Chivello
Jarid Bondel-(-0.669)
Kevin Morris-(-2.052)
Tommy McCarthy-(-4.115)
Floyd Alvis-(-7.763)

USAC HPD Midgets (Heat 1, 6 laps)
Dylan Nobile
Christine Breckenridge-(-0.528)
Shawn Buckley-(-1.425)
Tom Patterson-(-2.307)
Joel Rayborne-(-3.408)
Jesse "James" Burks-(-8.179)

USAC HPD Midgets (Heat 2, 6 laps)
Cody Jessop
Toni Breidingar-(-1.167)
Duke Love-(-2.944)
Ashley Hazelton-(-3.487)
Courtney Crone-(-3.784)
Annie Breidingar-(4 laps)

NCMA Sprints (Heat 1, 8 laps)
Audra Sasseli
David Goodwill-(-1.080)
David Burcett-(-2.495)
Denny Burell-(-3.231)
Carl Mott-(-3.702)
Don Arriaz-(1 lap)


360/410 Super Modifieds vs. Winged Sprints
Tim Skoglund-12.756
Kyle Vanderpool-12.800
DJ Hamilton-12.931
Eric Humphries-13.005
Cody Gerhardt-13.133
Donnie Large-13.228
Alan Beck-13.316

Twisted Tea Open Modified Series
Robbie Knittel-15.528
Dave Campbell-15.535
Scott Alves-15.565
Victor Machado-15.583
Mike Regelman-15.609
Keegan Walmer-15.611
Rodney Tripp-15.635
Rick Anderson-15.752
Nathan Smith-15.847

Chad Nicholes-13.973
Nick Chivello-14.051
David Goodwill-14.158
Jarid Bondel-14.250
Jerome Rodella-14.261
Kevin Morris-14.540
Gary Conterno-14.741
Tommy McCarthy-14.808
JR Williams-14.842
Floyd Alvis-15.009

USAC HPD Midgets
Dylan Nobile-14.909
Cody Jessop-15.008
Christine Breckenridge-15.056
Toni Breidingar-15.111
Shawn Buckley-15.133
Duke Love-15.152
Tom Patterson-15.189
Annie Breidingar-15.230
Joel Rayborne-15.302
Courtney Crone-15.336
Jesse "James" Burks-15.524
Ashley Hazelton-15.753

NCMA Sprints
Audra Sasseli-14.635
David Goodwill-14.888
Carl Mott-14.961
David Burcett-15.136
Don Arriaz-15.919

First night of the Harvest Classic wraps up at the LoanMart Madera Speedway By Ronald Montez

What a grand way to start off the first night of the two-day 43rd annual Harvest Classic at the LoanMart Madera Speedway.

On $5 Ticket Family Night (September 12) presented by Madera Auto Center, it was a dominant outing by drivers in the local classes and some extreme stock truck pulling that left the Friday night crowd anticipating more for Saturday's Big Show on Harvest Classic Night No. 2 presented by Midland Tractor and John Deere featuring Round No. 6 of the Super Modifeds, BCRA/USAC Midgets, USAC HPD Midgets, Race No. 6 of the Twisted Tea Modifieds, Vintage Super Modifieds, plus the Blown, Injected multi engine Pulling Tractors.

Local division drivers Tim Curtis, Jason Aguirre, Kevin Thompson, and Miles Humphreys were the big winners Friday night in their respective classes that included the Toyota Sedans, LunkerDaddy Late Models, MST's, and 4-Bangers.

After very competitive six-lap heat races set the tone for the big weekend's event that shows its support for local agriculture and growers, it was time for the racers to show the crowd at the "Fastest 1/3 mile in the West" that they were locked in and ready to put on a display for the fans to marvel at.

Curtis, the current Toyota Sedans points leader, showed why he is tops in the class with a runaway 30-lap victory in the main.

Despite finishing second in the heat race to Donnie Large, Curtis began the main by the taking the lead past Large just a lap in.

As the race went on, Curtis' lead continued to expand and finished 6.270 seconds ahead of runner-up Jason Lawton while Large - the heat race winner - took third overall.

In the LunkerDaddy Late Models division, it was "Racin" Aguirre who stayed true to his nickname with an impressive winning performance in the 20-lap main and six-lap heat race.

Aguirre, who is no stranger to driving on the Speedway's track, didn't hesitate to get into first early in the race and kept competitor Emma Tucker from overtaking his spot during it.

Tucker, who certainly isn't afraid to the challenge the longtime veteran drivers of the track, took second while Tony Schmitz came in third.

Like Curtis and Aguirre, MST driver Kevin Thompson was unstoppable in his respective heat and main races.

Thompson began the evening with a heat race victory and completed the successful night with a 30-lap triumph in the main.

Wasting no time after the green flag was waved, Thompson ushered his way into first after passing Dave Lander.

While Thompson showed he clearly came to race, it was fellow competitors John Bowersox and his son Jason Bowersox who didn't drive without putting up a challenge.

With five laps left, John Bowersox was coming close to bridging the giant gap but Thompson's lead proved to be too much to overcome.

John Bowersox was left in second place while Jason Bowersox rounded out the top three.

Another fast start - this time by Humphreys - was a big advantage that helped him keep a respectable distance away from Jadon Harrington in the 4-Bangers 15-lap main. Lap-by-lap, the lead grew for Humphreys, who started off the with the first heat race win of the Harvest Classic.

The back-to-back show continues Saturday (September 13) with the grandstands opening at 3 p.m. and the show going into high gear in the 6:30-7:30 p.m. window. Ticket prices are $20 for adults, $17 for Senior and Military, $10 for youth (ages 6-12) and kids five and under are free. Discount family packs are also available.



LunkerDaddy Late Models - 20 Laps
1. Jason Aguirre
2. Emma Tucker
3. Del McIntosh
4. Tony Schmitz
5. Kyle Fortney (Open Hobby Stock)

Toyota Sedans - 30 Laps
1. Tim Curtis
2. Jason Lawton
3. Donnie Large
4. Chris Altuvilla
5. Dean Gould
6. Brennen Mankin
7. Thomas Magray (29 Laps)
8. Candee McIntosh (17 Laps)

MST'S - 30 Laps
1. Kevin Thompson
2. John Bowersox
3. Jason Bowersox
4. Dave Lander
5. Tim Kammerer
6. Derrel Herzog (29 Laps)
7. Zackary Cook

4-Bangers - 15 Laps
1. Miles Humphreys
2. Jadon Harrington
3. Michael Congdon
4. Kelly Brownell

Heat Races - 6 Laps

LunkerDaddy Late Models
1. Jason Aguirre
2. Emma Tucker
3. Tony Schmitz
4. Kyle Fortney
5. Del McIntosh

Toyota Sedans
1. Donnie Large
2. Tim Curtis
3. Candee McIntosh
4. Dean Gould
5. Brennen Mankin
6. Chris Altuvilla
7. Thomas Magray
8. Jason Lawton

1. Kevin Thompson
2. Dave Lander
3. Jason Bowersox
4. Tim Kammerer
5. Derrel Herzog
6. Zackary Cook

1. Miles Humphreys
2. Jadon Harrington
3. Michael Congdon
4. Kelly Brownell

Action-packed races highlight Round No. 6 of the LoanMart Open Series at the Madera Speedway By Ronald Montez

If fans couldn't attend the latest August show at the LoanMart Madera Speedway, then they missed a lot of suspenseful, competitive, and electrifying racing at the "Fastest 1/3 Mile of the West".

Each division brought a little intrigue to its respective race on Saturday night (August 30, 2014) in Round No. 6 of the LoanMart Open Series featuring the Open Late Model Series and the Open Hobby Stock Series along with the MST's, Toyota Sedans, 4-Bangers, and WSRA Mini Cups.

In the Open Late Model Series, the biggest question of the night was could anyone catch the speedy Matt Erickson in his signature No. 42 Late Model car.

Two laps into the main, fans got their answer as he stormed past the rest of the 11-car competition.

Erickson, who entered the event with four Open Late Model Series victories this season, picked up his fifth win out of six 100-lap races at the Speedway.

The official results of the Open Late Model race are pending for inspection to the cars.

While Erickson's first place finish is unofficial, his physical presence and dominance on the track couldn't be ignored by the Speedway spectators, who witnessed him finish 9.721 seconds ahead of runner-up Garland Tyler.

Tyler, who was the top qualifier (15.756), was in a steady second place for a majority of the race after he passed Madera's Emma Tucker on Lap 20.

Erickson was sitting comfortable before a spinout by Rick Thompson on Lap 29 brought the pack closer to him on the caution.

Erickson didn't hesitate to regain his enormous lead with blazing restarts on Lap 29 and again on Lap 44 after contact between Aaron Mullins and Tucker occurred.

With Erickson out in front, Tyler pulled away from Mike David to sit in second.

Heading into the break, Ryan Hart was riding in a consistent fourth place followed by Tony Schmitz, Rick Thompson, Mullins, Tucker, Del McIntosh, and Ronnie Roberts.

After returning from the pits, Erickson picked up right where he left off and began widening his lead again by lapping most of the field on the way to another sure victory.

He was followed by Tyler in second place.

When David went out of the main on Lap 85, Hart claimed the third position and finished out the final 15 laps in that spot to reach the top-three winner's circle.

A $10,000.00 will be on the line for these drivers in the October 18 Open Late Model Championship race.

Erickson wasn't the only driver on the evening who displayed his effective racing abilities.

In the Open Hobby Stock Series, it was Josh Whitfield who won his third straight main at the Madera Speedway.

Whitfield made it 3-for-3 in 50-lap Open Hobby Stock races there.

Just like he did on June 28 and July 26, Whitfield put a tight lock on the race after obtaining the lead.

"It's just about doing your homework," Whitfield said about the secret to his success on the asphalt track. "We race in Roseville every weekend and we come here once a month and we have to change the whole setup. Some drivers come here with the same setup but that's not how you do it. You have to change the setup and get faster and faster. This track is a lot flatter and going into the corners, you'll go up higher and higher each time you come out."

Not only did Whitfield record the fast time of the division (16.580), he also led for the first 30 laps before the cars retreated to the pits for a break.

On the Lap 31 restart, Whitfield shot out like a cannon ball after passing the green flag to inflate his lead while Richard Lavallee and Chuck Aguirre came in second, and third, respectively.

While Erickson and Whitfield ended all doubt early as to who was going to win in their respective races, it was Toyota Sedans points leader Tim Curtis who picked up an improbable 30-lap victory in his chase for the division's title.

Curtis, who qualified in first place with a time of 17.642, was essentially a non-factor early in the race as he started near the back.

Through the first 10 laps, Brennen Mankin had the lead with Chris Altuvilla in second and Dean Gould in third. Curtis began to creep up toward the front of the race with Mankin still ahead after 25 laps.

After a restart with three laps to go, Curtis was in the mix with Mankin and Altuvilla as all three were jockeying for the lead position rounding Turn 4. It was then when the crowd saw Mankin's car slam into the wall of the front straightaway, leaving Curtis in first place with two laps to go.

Despite another restart, Curtis continued to uphold his lead on the way to his sixth win of the year. Gould took second while Donnie Large Jr. placed third and Altuvilla finished fourth.

In the MST class, fans got to see a good old-fashion father/son showdown between John Bowersox and his son Jason.

Both Bowersoxes bolted past the rest of the cars and were in the first two positions with Jason ahead of John, who came into the main with a six-lap heat race win earlier in the day. While two cautions in the first 10 laps slowed the momentum down a bit, it was John Bowersox who ultimately passed Jason and won the 30-lap main. Jason Bowersox took second while Dave Lander was a third place finisher and also a six-lap heat race winner.

Even in the youth racing of the WSRA Mini Cups, possible car troubles to points leader Cameron Legue opened up the doors for other drivers to contend for a 20-lap victory.

Coming into the event, Legue had won three out of four mains this season including three dominant wins in a row but couldn't get his car to function properly during the main. After two laps, Legue parked his No. 6 car in the infield while trophy dash winner Dillon Blaton led for the first couple of laps. Lawrence Massone swiftly passed Blaton to take the lead and picked up the 20-lap victory. Blaton took second and Jared Cronk placed third.

While Jadon Harrington opened the day with the top qualifying time (19.878) to go along with a six-lap trophy dash win in the 4-Bangers class, it was Ed Taranto who was victorious in the 15-lap main.

The LoanMart Madera Speedway will go dark this Saturday but will return with a big two-day event beginning on Friday, September 12 on Harvest Classic Night No. 1 ($5 Ticket Night) presented by Madera Auto Center featuring the LunkerDaddy Late Models, Hobby Stocks, 4-Bangers, MST's, Toyota Sedans, and the 18-Second Bracket Race. On Saturday, September 13, it will be the Harvest Classic presented by Midland Tractor and John Deere featuring Round No. 6 of the Super Modifieds vs. the Winged Sprints, NCMA/PBR Spec Sprints, BCRA/USAC Midgets, USAC HRD Midgets, Race No. 6 of the Twisted Tea Modifieds, Vintage Super Modifieds, Plus the Blown, Injected multi engine Pulling Tractors!

For information, call (559) 673-7223


Main Events

Open Late Models - 100 Laps (unofficial results - pending engine inspection of the Matt Erickson car) 1. Matt Erickson 2. Garland Tyler 3. Ryan Hart 4. Tony Schmitz 5. Aaron Mullins 6. Emma Tucker 7. Del McIntosh 8. Ronnie Roberts 9. Rick Thompson 10. Mike David 11. Jason Aguirre

Open Hobby Stocks - 50 Laps
1. Josh Whitfield
2. Richard Lavallee
3. Chuck Aguirre
4. Sheldon Cooper
5. Howard Holden
6. Kyle Fortney
7. Erick Ray
8. Verg Beatty
9. Mark Blanton (DQ)

Toyota Sedans - 30 Laps
1. Tim Curtis
2. Dean Gould
3. Donnie Large
4. Chris Altuvilla
5. Thomas Magray
6. Matt Doran
7. Brennen Mankin
8. Sarah Vivian
9. Jason Lawton

MST'S - 30 Laps
1. John Bowersox
2. Jason Bowersox
3. Dave Lander
4. Tim Kammerer
5. Kevin Thompson
6. Patrick Geiger

WSRA Mini Cups - 20 Laps
1. Lawrence Massone
2. Dillon Blaton
3. Jared Cronk
4. Andrew Payne
5. Austin Herzog
6. Joshua Strandwold
7. Cameron Legue

4-Bangers - 15 Laps
1. Ed Taranto
2. Travis Tucker
3. Jadon Harrington
4. Kelly Brownell

Heat Races

Toyota Sedans - 6 Laps
1. Jason Lawton
2. Chris Altuvilla
3. Brennen Mankin
4. Matt Doran

MST'S (Heat 1) - 6 Laps
1. Dave Lander
2. Tim Kammerer
3. Jed Gilman
4. Kevin Thompson

MST'S (Heat 2) - 6 Laps
1. John Bowersox
2. Jason Bowersox
3. Patrick Geiger
4. Zackary Cook

4-Bangers - 6 Laps
1. Jadon Harrington
2. Ed Taranto
3. Kelly Brownell

Trophy Dash

WSRA Mini Cups - 4 Laps
1. Dillon Blaton
2. Austin Herzog
3. Joshua Strandwold
4. Lawrence Massone

Qualifying - 2 Laps

Open Late Models
1. Garland Tyler 15.756
2. Matt Erickson 15.863
3. Mike David 15.922
4. Tony Schmitz 16.018
5. Jason Aguirre 16.027
6. Ryan Hart 16.035
7. Emma Tucker 16.100
8. Aaron Mullins 16.111
9. Ronnie Roberts 16.194
10. Del McIntosh 16.253
11. Rick Thompson 16.496

Open Hobby Stocks
1. Josh Whitfield 16.580
2. Mark Blanton 16.760
3. Sheldon Cooper 16.927
4. Howard Holden 16.949
5. Paul Beaty 16.992
6. Erick Ray 17.046
7. Chuck Aguirre 17.067
8. Richard Lavallee 17.075
9. Kyle Fortney 17.250

Toyota Sedans
1. Tim Curtis 17.642
2. Jason Lawton 17.913
3. Donnie Large 17.973
4. Chris Altuvilla 18.009
5. Dean Gould 18.062
6. Brennen Mankin 18.063
7. Sarah Vivian 18.364
8. Matt Doran 18.540
9. Thomas Magray 18.564

1. Kevin Thompson 17.200
2. John Bowersox 17.212
3. Dave Lander 17.431
4. Jason Bowersox 17.459
5. Tim Kammerer 17.600
6. Zackary Cook 17.655
7. Jed Gilman 17.702
8. Patrick Geiger 22.657

WSRA Mini Cups
1. Andrew Payne 17.955
2. Lawrence Massone 18.203
3. Jared Cronk 18.230
4. Austin Herzog 18.349
5. Dillon Blaton 18.502
6. Joshua Strandwold 18.761
7. Cameron Legue 20.083

1. Jadon Harrington 19.878
2. Kelly Brownell 20.609