Easter Egg, bike giveaways highlight night of family fun at Speedway
By Ricardo Cano

A line of kids lined up on the racetrack - anxious and excited - that spanned the whole front straightaway.

There was action and thrills in Saturday's main events at the LoanMart Madera Speedway, but the excitement teemed the most for kids who participated in this year's Big Egg Hunt hosted Hampton Inn & Suites of Madera. Kids scavenged the track to find the 750 eggs scattered randomly - one egg included a $100 prize.

That was one part of a family fun-filled night that was headlined by the Superman 200, an Enduro race that paid tribute to the late Russell Johnson, a well known and well liked driver of the Enduro Series.

But with a catch: the racetrack was doused in water before the race. It wasn't a problem for Loren Chitwood, who won the wet and wild race in dominating fashion.

Chitwood held a 20-second lead over second-place Jason Sitton in lap 70, overlapping him for good seven laps later. Chitwood won the checkered a full lap ahead of David Ethridge, who finished second.

The slippery surface forced racers to handle turns more cautiously - or risk losing control, like Russel Johnson Jr. and Rick Anderson, who made 360-degree spins while turning in the early laps. Both finished the race.

"The biggest thing is the water," Chitwood said. "We're sliding constantly. You try to find the best line to get the best grip and try to stay there and stay through traffic without getting spun out."

The race with the most pressure, though, might have been MST main event that saw a boy and a girl get paired with a driver, with the victor winning bikes for their boy and girl.

Jason Bowersox, who won bikes for Degan Harmonson and Izabeth Ramirez, said he felt the pressure - maybe a double dose of it.

Bowersox, who grabbed the lead in the fifth lap of the 30-lap race and never surrendered it, extended his win streak at the Speedway to three races.

"I had to do it for the kids," Bowersox said of his race, adding, "We're going for four [wins] now."

The friendly rivalry in the LunkerDaddy Late Models race continued this week between Madera native Emma Tucker and Tony "The Tiger" Schmitz. Tucker, who took the checkered on March 22 in 20 laps, played catch-up the whole race - which although never changed lead, arguably had the night's most exciting finish.

Tucker, 18, powered through to cut down Schmitz's half-lap lead and came within bumper-to-bumper distance with six laps to go. At each turn, Tucker and Schmitz - driving an upgraded car - raced tight to the inside with Tucker trying to squeeze in and Schmitz trying to keep her out. It stayed that way through the finish.

Tucker, who said she's still trying to master passing, was "waiting for [Schmitz] to mess up a little bit."

It didn't happen.

"We changed everything [on the car] after the last few races, because we came second two times in a row," Schmitz said. "We changed motors, transmission, everything to try and come and win the race. It worked.

"I knew she was back there, and I just kind of started backing out of it, saving my tires in case I needed a little bit more at the end."

Other main event winners on Saturday included: Dave Kong in 4-Bangers; Tim Curtis in Toyota Sedans; Dillon Noble in USAC HPD Midgets; Del McIntosh in the 18 Second Race; and Eric Humphries in the NCMA/PBR Sprints.

The Speedway is closed the following weekend, but action returns on April 26 with Race #2 of this year's eight-race LoanMart Open Late Model Series as the headliner. Other races on that night include the second race of the Hobby Stock Open Series, MST, Toyota Sedans, 4-Bangers, Mini Cup and 18 Second Bracket Race.

For more information, visit www.racemadera.com.




Superman 200 (200 Laps)
Loren Chitwood
David Ethridge - 1 Lap
Richard Herzog - 3 Laps
Jason Sitton - 4 Laps
Rick Anderson - 11 Laps
Steve Schermerchorn - 11 Laps
Robert Kieffer - 12 Laps
Ryan Hart - 14 Laps
Michael Jarrell - 18 Laps
Russell Johnson Jr. - 18 Laps
Jake Kirby - 25 Laps
Robert Reagan - 37 Laps
James Cooke - 47 Laps
Marisa Odgers - 53 Laps
Robert Smith - 116 Laps
Rob Slagle - 144 Laps
Devin Slagle - 178 Laps

4-Bangers (20 Laps)
Dave Kong
Miles Humphries - (-8.414)
Kathy Williams - (-10.388)
Chris Williams - (-16,674)
Travis Tucker - (-16.873)
Jadon Harrington - 1 Lap
Kelly Brownell - 2 Laps
Dave Ansted - (-12.115)

MST (30 Laps)
Jason Bowersox
Kevin Thompson - (-0.670)
John McCollum Jr. - (-1.599)
John Bowersox - (-2.006)
Dave Lander - (-5.515)
Donnie Large Jr. - (-5.964)
Jed Gilman - (-6.915)
John Benedict - (-28.023)
Tim Kammerer - 1 Lap
Patrick Geiger - 2 Laps

Toyota Sedans (30 Laps)
Tim Curtis
Kyle Fortney - (-1.991)
Thomas Magray - (-8.142)
Matt Doran - (-16.034)
Brennen Manklin - 1 Lap
Jason Lawton - 1 Lap
Chris Altuvilla

NCMA/PBR Sprints (20 Laps)
Eric Humphries
Audra Sasseli - (-0.565)
David Burcett - (-14.357)
Ed Amador - (-15.030)
Jerry Kobza - 1 Lap

LunkerDaddy Late Models (30 Laps)
Tony Schmitz
Emma Tucker - (-0.391)
Paul Beatty - (-9.897)
Don Selsor - 4 Laps

USAC HPD Midgets (30 Laps)
Dillon Noble
Cody Jessop - (-1.419)
Toni Breidinger - (-1.809)
Shawn Buckley - (-2.080)
Duke Love - (-3.029)
Annie Breidinger - 1 Lap
Joel Rayborne - 1 Lap
Ashley Hazelton - 12 Laps
Tom Patterson - 13 Laps
Jesse "James" Burks

18 Second Race (20 Laps)
Del McIntosh
Kevin Thompson - (0.111)
John Benedict - (-0.452)
Thomas Magray - (-2.085)
Brennen Manklin - (-3.253)
Kathy Williams - (-13.997)
Chris Williams - (-14.030)
Patrick Geiger - 15 Laps
Travis Tucker - 15 Laps



Travis Tucker - 19.583
Kathy Williams - 19.719
Dave Ansted - 19.926
Miles Humpries - 19.932
Chris Williams - 20.186
Jadon Harrington - 21.104
Kelly Brownell - 21.154

John Bowersox - 17.118
Jed Gilman - 17.158
Kevin Thompson - 17.180
Jason Bowersox - 17.193
John McCollum Jr. - 17.230
Donnie Large Jr. - 17.236
John Benedict - 17.390
Dave Lander - 17.402
Tim Kammerer - 17.482
Patrick Geiger - 18.496

Hobby Stocks
Don Selsor - (20.709)

Toyota Sedans
Tim Curtis - 17.656
Kyle Fortney - 17.882
Brennan Manklin - 18.402
Jason Lawton - 18.507
Matt Doran - 18.582
Thomas Magray - 18.968

Late Models
Emma Tucker - 16.102
Tony Schmitz - 16.215
Paul Beatty - 16.231

USAC HPD Midgets
Dillon Noble - 14. 952
Shawn Buckley - 14.981
Duke Love - 15.006
Toni Breidinger - 15.273
Cody Jessop -15.353
Tom Patterson - 15.407
Ashley Hazelton - 15.437
Annie Breidinger - 15.813
Jesse "James" Burks - 16.584
Joel Rayborne - 16.590


HEATS (6 laps):

Miles Humpries
Dave Ansted - (-1.057)
Kathy Williams - (-4.687)
Travis Tucker - (-4.875)
Chris Williams - (-5.662)
Jadon Harrington - (-9.032)
Kelly Brownell - (-11.143)

MST (Heat 1)
John Bowersox
Kevin Thompson - (-1.109)
Jason Bowersox - (-1.472)
Jed Gilman - (-1.792)

MST (Heat 2)
John McCollum Jr.
Donnie Large Jr. - (-1.117)
Dave Lander - (-1.359)
Tim Kammerer - (-1.613)
John Benedict - (-2.360)
Patrick Geiger - (15.161)

Toyota Sedans (Heat 1)
Kyle Fortney
Tim Curtis - (-2.051)
Matt Doran - (-7.706)
Thomas Magray - (-11.885)
Jason Lawton - (-13.535)
Brennen Manklin - 2 Laps

NCMA/PBR Sprints (8 Laps)
Eric Humphries
Audra Sassell - (-0.548)
David Burcett - (-5.054)
Ed Amador - (-6.183)
Jerry Kobza

Late Models
Tony Schmitz
Emma Tucker - (-0.867)
Paul Beatty - (-4.633)
Don Selsor - 1 Lap

USAC HPD Midgets (Heat 1, 8 Laps)
Dillon Noble
Duke Love - (-3.132)
Cody Jessop - (-3.416)
Ashley Hazelton - (-4.890)
Jesse "James" Burks - (-15.001)

USAC HPD Midgets (Heat 2, 8 Laps)
Shawn Buckley
Toni Breidinger - (-2.225)
Tom Patterson - (-2.589)
Annie Breidinger - (-9.561)
Joel Rayborne - (-15.367)

A Nostalgic Sunday Afternoon at LoanMart Madera Speedway

Madera, CA (3.31.14) - Sunday March 30th turned out to be a perfect warm afternoon for a trip down memory lane at the LoanMart Madera Speedway. The event featured a throwback Sunday afternoon show that included Vintage Super Modifieds, Vintage Midgets, Super Modifieds, Winged Sprint Cars, BCRA/USAC Midgets, USAC HPD Midgets, the LoanMart Late Model Series, and the new LoanMart Open Hobby Stock Series.

The event paid tribute to the late Smokey Hanoian, and fans basked in the warm Madera sunshine and watched Darrin Snider outduel Chad Nichols to take the BCRA/USAC Midget main event trophy. Behind Snider and Nichols were Mike Snider, Nick Chivello, and Alex Schutte.

The LoanMart Late Model Series provided some great racing action but it was for second place as Matt Erickson went for a Sunday drive and took the checkered flag and $1,000 win in round one of the eight race series that leads to a $10,000 to win race in October. Erickson also won $100 for fast time. Garland Tyler drove the wheels of his late model to take second place over Jason Aguirre, Blaine Rocha and Rick Thompson to round out the top five. Ryan Hart won the $200 Hoosier "hookup" bonus, and Racin Jason Aguirre won the $100 Hoosier "hookup" bonus!

Kyle Vanderpool won the PBR Winged Series race in a Super Modified, Jo Jo Helberg was runner up after going wheel to wheel with Cody Gerhardt for the entire 30 lap main event. Gerhardt was third with Tim Skoglund and Steve Johns completing the top five.

The new LoanMart Open Hobby Stock Series may well have been the best racing of the warm afternoon as Erick Ray took the first half, but it was Chuck Aguirre that won the second half and the $500 payday that came with the win! Erick Ray was second and won $200 for his efforts, followed by Matt Manolis, Sheldon Cooper, and Eloy Bazan. Howard Holden won the LoanMart "helping hand" $75 bonus.

A Swanson won the HPD Midget race, but this Swanson was named Jake! Jake Swanson was followed by Dillion Noble, Cody Jessop, Shawn Buckley, and Tom Patterson making up the top five.
Andra Sasselli won the NCMA main event, leaving Denny Burrell, Don Ariaz, and Bud Trumble in her wake, that girl can drive!

The LoanMart Madera Speedway is closed April 4th, but returns to action April 12th with the SuperMan 200 tribute to Russell Johnson presented by Hampton Inn & Suites. This fun night includes an Easter Egg hunt on the race track for the kids, plus a wild enduro race thru soap and water! Emma Tucker returns to action on April 12th after her first victory in the LunkerDaddy Late Models, plus the Mighty MST's, the Wild (and we mean rollover WILD) Toyota Sedans, the $100 to win 4-Bangers, the NCMA Sprint cars and the USAC HPD Midgets!

3/22/14 --- Local night

Tucker takes first career victory in night of local stars
By Mark Smith

After a raucous opening event for the LoanMart Madera Speedway last week, local stars took to the track Saturday night and proved that it doesn't take high-profile racing circuits to deliver close finishes and big thrills.
In the LunkerDaddy Late Models, Madera Ranchos teen Emma Tucker took the checkered for her first-ever win after fending off Tony "The Tiger" Schmitz in 20 hard-fought laps.

Tucker, in a new car this season, said after the race that as soon as she took the lead from Verg Beatty in lap 3 - with Schmitz on her tail - she knew the event was hers to win or lose.
"I was just hoping I wouldn't spin out," Tucker said with a wide smile after the race. "I knew Tony wouldn't be able to get by me as long as I kept it straight so that's all I was thinking about."
"It's amazing," she added of the victory. "I feel great."

Schmitz takes over the points lead in the event from last year's champion Matt Erickson - who didn't race Saturday - with Tucker in second place.
He said after the event his left-rear tire was going flat and thus he couldn't race as tight as he would have liked, but he gave credit to Tucker and complimented her driving.

"My plan was to win but that didn't happen," Schmitz laughed. "But [Tucker] is a great, young driver. I didn't want to rough her or anybody else up to get a win, I'd rather race clean and hard. And if that means taking a loss, so be it. That's better than tearing up my car or theirs."
Other winners on the night included: Lance Halm in the WSRA Mini Cups, Jason Bowersox in his second straight MST win, Dave Kong in the 4-Bangers, and Kyle Fortney to keep his points lead in the Toyota Sedans.

The night's wildest moment came early in that sedans race when Chris Altuvilla - Fortney's teammate - got caught up going three-wide out of turn two and slammed up against the back-end wall, which flipped his car on its side in a shower of sparks.

With a red flag halting the race, emergency crews rushed out as the car righted itself - its front-end completely wrecked - but fortunately Altuvilla was unharmed and stepped out of the vehicle.

"He got hooked into the wall there near the back gate," said 19-year-old Tyler Johnson, behind Altuvilla at the time and the race's eventual second-place finisher. "I was thankful nobody was behind me so I could swerve out of the way. And it's good that he wasn't hurt too, those kind of wrecks can be really frightening."

After the race restarted - with a long black streak running across the back-end wall - Fortney defended his spot from perennial top-three finisher Tim Curtis and Johnson for the remaining 27 laps.

"Starting out with two wins is always cool," Fortney said in victory lane. "Tim has a really fast car so we had to work hard for it most of the race. He gave me a bump there at one point but he's a great guy, a true sportsman, so he backed up and gave me some room to recover."

Curtis later spun out and finished in fifth place.

Thanks to Fortney's win - and a donation from MST driver Ed Rodriguez - two local kids also walked away with brand new bicycles.
Aiden Cluver and Geneva Selsor, both 7 years old, were paired with Fortney before the race as part of a raffle drawing.
Beaming next to their new bikes, the two said they were excited, Selsor in particular because she had special plans.

"I wanted to win it for my sister," said Selsor, who as part of an adopted family was looking forward to another sibling. "I'm really happy."
The Speedway returns for more action next Saturday, March 29, with the Smokey Hanoian Classic presented by Allied Storage & Containers.
Races on the night will include: the LoanMart Open Late Model Series, Hobby Stock Open Series, Winged Sprints vs Super Modifieds, USAC/BCRA Midgets, USAC HPD Midgets, NCMA/PBR SPEC Sprints, Vintage Super Modifieds, the Jim Perry/Everett Edlund 25, and the BCRA Vintage Midgets.

Qualifying runs are scheduled to begin at 5:45 that night, with opening ceremonies at 7:10 p.m.
For information, visit www.racemadera.com or call (559) 673-7223.


Main events:

Toyota Sedans (30 laps):
Kyle Fortney
Tyler Johnson-(-0.434)
Candee McIntosh
Thomas Magray
Tim Curtis
Justin Dukes-(4 laps)
Chris Altuvilla-(28 laps)

WSRA Mini Cups (20 laps):
Lance Halm
Andrew Payne-(-4.106)
Austin Herzog-(-6.899)
Jared Cronk-(-12.301)
Joshua Strandwold-(2 laps)
Cameron Legue

LunkerDaddy Late Models (20 laps)
Emma Tucker
Tony Schmitz-(-0.237)
Verg Beatty-(-9.067)
Don Selsor-(3 laps, Hobby Stock)

MST's (30 laps):
Jason Bowersox
Kevin Thompson-(-0.236)
Donnie Large Jr.-(-3.718)
John Benedict-(-12.464)
Tim Kammerer-(-13.058)
John Bowersox-(-14.349)
Ed Rodriguez-(1 lap)
Dave Landers-(16 laps)

4-Bangers (15 laps):
Dave Kong
Mark Jacke-(-1.657)
Miles Humphries-(1 lap)
Kelly Brownell-(2 laps)

Qualifying (2 laps):

Toyota Sedans

Tim Curtis-17.618
Kyle Fortney-17.660
Tyler Johnson-17.807
Chris Altuvilla-17.964
Candee McIntosh-17.986
Justin Dukes-18.020
Thomas Magray-18.722


John Bowersox-16.929
Kevin Thompson-16.933
Jason Bowersox-17.061
Donne Large Jr.-17.169
Tim Kammerer-17.523
Dave Landers-17.537
John Benedict-17.633
Ed Rodriguez-17.699

LunkerDaddy Late Models
Tony Schmitz-15.847
Emma Tucker-15.945
Verg Beatty-16.195

WSRA Mini Cups
Cameron Legue-17.919
Lance Halm-17.968
Austin Herzog-17.998
Andrew Payne-18.088
Jared Cronk-18.647
Joshua Strandwold-20.617

Dave Kong-18.342
Mark Jacke-18.569
Miles Humphries-20.059
Kelly Brownell-22.942

Hobby Stocks
Don Selsor-18.889

Heat races:

Toyota Sedans (6 laps):
Tim Curtis
Kyle Fortney-(-0.273)
Tyler Johnson-(-0.743)
Chris Altuvilla-(-1.720)
Candee McIntosh-(-2.494)
Justin Dukes-(-3.136)
Thomas Magray-(-6.089)

MSTs (6 laps, heat 1):
Kevin Thompson
John Bowersox-(-0.215)
Donnie Large Jr.-(-1.170)
Jason Bowersox-(-1.415)

MSTs (6 laps, heat 2):
Tim Kammerer
Dave Landers-(-0.520)
John Benedict-(-0.878)
Ed Rodriguez-(-1.448)

LunkerDaddy Late Models (6 laps):
Tony Schmitz
Emma Tucker-(-0.677)
Verg Beatty-(-4.316)
Don Selsor-(1 lap, Hobby Stock)

WSRA Mini Cups (4 laps):
Austin Herzog
Andrew Payne-(-0.524)
Jared Cronk-(-1.584)
Joshua Strandwold-(-11.254)

4-Bangers (6 laps):
Dave Kong
Mark Jacke-(-0.233)
Miles Humphries-(-12.996)
Kelly Brownell-(-18.786)

Season starts with a bang at LoanMart Madera Speedway
By Ricardo Cano

The LoanMart Madera Speedway was brought back to life Saturday night, bringing back the familiar smell of burnt rubber, fast cars, and a huge crowd of diehard fans - and a thrilling finish in the Spears Southwest Tour, the season opener's headline.

The Spears Southwest Tour, featuring a 22-car field, had high-octane racing under the "fastest 1/3 mile in the West."

Jim Pettit II led the race for 111 laps, taking the lead early in Lap 14 before surrendering it in the final lap after clashing with Derek Thorn.

Pettit was almost a full straightaway ahead of second place before a yellow flag reduced the speed of the race in Lap 109.

Nearing the second turn of the final lap, Pettit was almost in the clear before colliding with Thorn. Pettit lost control in turn three and skidded out of the course. Thorn, who crossed the finish line, was penalized in the final standings as officials ruled his collision with Pettit as deliberate.

That gave way to two drivers - Brandon White of Eureka and Ross Strmiska - who, at one point in the race were in the top-two, to finish first and second, respectively.

White, who dueled Pettit for the top spot for almost 100 laps, had to maneuver past overlapped cars to keep pace with Pettit. But it didn't go smooth - he was boxed in a cluster of racers laps behind, losing the second-place spot to Thorn and pushed to fourth place behind Strmiska.

That helped White win the race.

"It was just one of those one-in-a-million things," White said. "I made my made my move on Ross, and it happened to work out for the best.

"When I saw Derek and (Jim) battling hard, I thought I'd better make my move just in case anything happens. So I went in and put a bumper on Ross and moved him up just a little bit to where I could get under him and drive to the finish. I'm happy I did that."

Strmiska held the lead early in the race before a collision with Bobby Hodges in Lap 9 drew a yellow flag.

Strmiska, driving his signature hot-pink racecar, was pushed to third and finished second. Racing behind Pettit and Thorn in the final lap, Strmiska said his main concern was escaping contact-free with the two drivers to avoid being penalized, as well.

"I saw those guys (Derek and Jim) racing hard in front when I was running third and I was worried about the fourth-place guy, because I knew if they made contact, I would be heading back to the line. We were racing hard, too - Brandon and I.

"I saw him make contact, so I dove to the bottom and he got into me, got me up the track and passed me for the win. I just thought that it was going to happen so I was preparing myself for it, but ain't nothing you could do about it. He had a fast car, too and he just got into me and moved me out of the way."

Matt Erickson's win in the LunkerDaddy Limited Late Models main event was arguably the fan favorite of the night.

Erickson and Tony Schmidt raced one of the closest bumper-to-bumper battles of the night, with Erickson pressing Schmidt for the lead.

The four-driver race - ran in 20 laps instead of the scheduled 40 due to time constraints - was a duel between Erickson and Smidt from the start. Erickson overtook Schmidt in Lap 17 after almost skidding out of control four laps earlier.

The lead change drew loud cheers from the crowd - but even louder were the cheers he received after doing donuts in his victory lap.

"With Tony, I've raced with him for years," Erickson said, "and when you pressure him so long, he slides up the track, leaving me room to get underneath there."

Erickson was able to pass Schmidt cleanly on the outside. It was the only main event race of the night to not draw any yellow flags.

As for the donut celebration?

"I usually do it for the fans," Erickson said. "It's fun doing them."

Other main event winners included: Jason Bamberg in Twisted Tea Modifieds; Cameron Austin in Legends; Trevor Huddleston in S-2 Late Models; Kyle Fortney in Toyota Sedan and Jason Bowersox in MST.

Action at the Speedway continues Saturday. Races on that night will include: LunkerDaddy Late Models, MST, Toyota Sedans, Hobby Stocks, 4-Bangers, 18 Second Bracket Race and Mini Cup.

For more information go to www.racemadera.com or call (559) 673-7223.

Main Events

Melo's Gas & Gear 125 (125 laps)
Brandon White - 56:35.803
Ross Strmiska - (-.139)
Jacob Gomes - (-4.867)
Jeremy Doss - (-5.181)
Carlos Vieira - (-7.557)
Garrett Archer - (-7.775)
Greg Voigt - (-8.079)
Keith Spangler - (-9.047)
Donny St. Ours - (-11.067)
Cole Loftsguard - (-14.536)
Jim Pettit II - (-16.159)
Derek Thorn -
Jeff Bischofberger - (1 Lap)
Ken Benhamou - (2 Laps)
Bob Lyon - (3 Laps)
Scott Sanchez - (3 Laps)
Hannah Newhouse - (3 Laps)
M.K. Kanke - (13 Laps)
Tracy Bolin - (19 Laps)
Colby Potts - (19 Laps)
Bobby Hodges - (86 Laps)
Todd Souza - (123 Laps)

Legends (35 Laps)
Cameron Austin
Jeremy Wood - (-.278)
Tony Mangini - (-.979)
Tim Mangini - (-1.385)
Brandon Weaver - (-1.821)
Blaine Rocha - (-1.940)
Hunter Corbitt - (-2.479)
Ricky Schlick - (-3.656)
Parker Malone - (-5.985)
Logan Zampa - (-6.269)
Eddie Garone - (-7.305)
Chase Majdic - (-7.317)
Eric Olson - (-7.482)
Keith Clements - (-8.077)
Cody Berger - (-8.335)
Codi Barbo - (-10.962)
Clayton Travels - (-12.176)
Bob Cooper - (-12.615)
Logan Taylor - (-12.674)
Danny Nikolai - (-14.405)
Pete Pierce - (-14.560)
Lawless Allen - (2 Laps)
Blaine Perkins - (5 Laps)

Twisted Tea Modifieds (60 Laps)
Jason Bamberg
Victor Machado - (-.983)
Michael Mitchell - (-1.559)
Elliot St. Jerne - (-1.996)
Joel Couage - (-2.802)
Jerry Toporek - (-4.476)
Rodney Tripp - (1 Lap)
Eddie Wilcox - (1 Lap)
Kevin Nichols - (5 Laps)
Ryan Stepps - (41 Laps)
Paul Pedroncelli - (50 Laps)

LunkerDaddy Limited Late Models (20 Laps)
Matt Erickson
Tony Schmitz - (-1.023)
Emma Tucker - (-1.469)
Verg Beatty - (-8.048)

S-2 Late Models (35 Laps)
Trevor Huddleston
Kenny Smith - (-1.155)
Johnny Butlet - (-2.828)
Chris Morrison - (-3.978)
Nastasia Dodd - (-5.356)
Kyle Whisner - (-7.169)
Bill Walters - (-7.568)
Daryl Scroggins - (1 Lap)
Brandon Weaver - (1 Lap)

Toyota Sedan
Kyle Fortney
Dean Gould - (-1.175)
Chris Altuvilla - (-1.717)
Candee McIntosh - (-2.102)
Thomas Magray - (-4.017)
Brennen Manklin - (-4.711)
Sarah Vivian - (-5.891)
Donnie Large - (20 Laps)
Ed Rodriguez - (24 Laps)
Tim Curtis - (24 Laps)

Jason Bowersox
John McCollum Jr. - (-.766)
Donnie Large Jr. - (-1.572)
Dave Landers - (-3.917)
John Benedict - (-5.356)
Tim Kammerer - (-7.023)
Ed Rodriguez - (1 Lap)
Jed Gilman - (5 Laps)
John Bowersox - (6 Laps)
Kevin Thompson - (16 Laps)
Patrick Geiger - (16 Laps)

Qualifying (2 Laps)

Melo's Gas & Gear 125
Derek Thorn - 14.288
Greg Voigt - 14.406
Jim Pettit II - 14.434
Jacob Gomes - 14.443
Brandon White - 14.475
Jeremy Doss - 14.508
Bobby Hodges - 14.521
M.K. Kanke - 14.555
Ross Strmiska - 14.615
Garrett Archer - 14.626
Donny St. Ours - 14.674
Carlos Vieira - 14.777
Tracy Bolin - 14.792
Todd Souza - 14.800
Ken Benhamou - 14.804
Jeff Bischofberger - 14.866
Bob Lyon - 14.868
Keith Spangler - 14.875
Cole Loftsgard - 14.891
Hannah Newhouse - 14.899
Colby Potts - 14.954
Scott Sanchez - 15.027

Jeremy Wood - 16.377
Cameron Austin - 16.464
Brandon Weaver - 16.479
Blaine Rocha - 16.525
Logan Zampa - 16.576
Chase Majdic - 16.586
Tony Mangini - 16.615
Tim Mangini - 16.617
Ricky Schlick - 16.622
Hunter Corbitt - 16.717
Parker Malone - 16.720
Eddie Garone - 16.740
Eric Olson - 16.763
Blaine Perkins - 16788.
Codi Barbo - 16.950
Keith Clements - 17.001
Cody Berger - 17.027
Logan Taylor - 17.126
Danny Nikolai - 17.196
Bob Cooper - 17.252
Clayton Travels - 17.256
Pete Pierce - 17.500
Allan Lawless - 18.237

Twisted Tea Modifieds
Michael Mitchell - 15.293
Victor Machado - 15.327
Ryan Stepps - 15.341
Jason Bamberg - 15.363
Elliot St. Jerne - 15.488
Eddie Wilcox - 15.525
Paul Pedroncelli - 15.630
Joel Couage - 15.742
Rodney Tripp - 15.881
Jerry Toporek - 16.013
Kevin Nichols - 17.088

LunkerDaddy Limited Late Models
Matt Erickson - 15.807
Tomy Schmitz - 15.859
Emma Tucker - 16.003
Verg Beatty - 16.574
Dominic Lopez

S-2 Late Models
Trevor Huddleston - 15.978
Daryl Scoggins - 16.091
Johnny Butler - 16.195
Kenny Smith - 16.253
Brandon Weaver - 16,304
Chris Morrison - 16.437
Bill Waters - 16.549
Nastasia Dodd - 16.621
Kyle Whisner - 16.655

Toyota Sedan
Tim Curtis - 17.790
Kyle Fortney - 17.830
Donnie Large Jr. - 17.876
Chris Altuvilla - 18.010
Dean Gould - 18.166
Candee McIntosh - 18.231
Ed Rodriguez - 18.404
Brennan Manklin - 18.628
Sarah McIntosh - 18.749
Thomas Magray - 19.349

John Bowersox - 16.924
Kevin Thompson - 17.141
Jason Bowersox - 17.198
Jed Gilman - 17.234
Donnie Large Jr. - 17.314
John McCollum Jr. - 17.355
Tim Kammerer - 17.515
Patrick Geiger - 17.554
John Benedict - 17.657
Dave Landers -17.671
Ed Rodriguez - 18.199