We have a six race series planned for 2015, rules are at the bottom of this page. The six race dates for 2015 are 4-11, 5-9, 7-4, 8-22, 9-26, 10-24 (The entry fee for the first five races is only $75 if you pre-enter!) It is $125 at the track.

AN ENDURO OVERHAUL, the Madera Enduro Extreme Series is here!

Madera, CA (7.13.15) - Enduro racing has always meant low cost, fun racing for most everyone that has ever been involved with this type of competition. The Enduros came from a place where a car could be built in a week or two using wrecking yard parts then raced against 50 other cars or more in one off special events that filled grandstands with action seeking fans.

The enduro class has evolved from bone stock cars with a single roll bar in the 80's and 90's with 50-100 car fields competing in push and shove log jam style events into being just another bomber/hobby stock class with short car counts in the modern era.

At the LoanMart Madera Speedway, we are passionate about cost effective, fun forms of racing. We have been searching for a way to put the fun back into the Enduro division for the fans and drivers alike, while at the same time controlling the cost of a competitive car as a priority.

For several years we have been saying it is time for a makeover with the Enduro division, and we believe the time is now or never to save this fun style of racing. With that, the Madera Enduro Extreme Series is BORN!

We in vision having several different track layouts for the drivers to compete on during a season. Plus a new race format that allows for more fun for both fans and drivers. We are in the process of redesigning the infield of the LoanMart Madera Speedway to allow live pits stops for our stock car races, and a drifting course. This will allow us to build different race courses for the Enduro Extreme Series in the future at Madera once this project is complete.

For the balance of 2015, which involves three races in the 2015 championship with events on August 22nd, September 26th and October 24th, we will use a Barrel racing challenge to level the playing field and to provide more entertainment for the fans in the Enduros. For the Pumpkin Smash on October 24th, the event will be a three part challenge to win the BIG Pumpkin Smash Trophy and $2,000 payday!

For the August 22nd and September 26th races, drivers will qualify, run an eight lap heat race, and run a split 100 lap main event (50 laps each direction). All of this will be run around a Barrel Race.

For the Pumpkin Smash, drivers will qualify (around the barrel), then run a barrel heat race, then run a 100 lap Barrel Race (split 50's), then run a 150 lap Enduro race without the Barrel, but there will be a set of "S" turns on the back side of the track, plus all of the soap and pumpkins making it a slick track. 50 points will be awarded to the winner of each challenge (50 for qualifying, 50 for the 100 lap Barrel race, and 50 for the 150 lap Pumpkin race), 48 for second, 46 for third and on and on. The driver with the most points from the three different challenges at the end of the Pumpkin Smash is the Pumpkin Smash Champion and will earn the $2,000 bag of cash and the 4' tall trophy!

4-Banger BONUS! If a Stock 4 cylinder car can win anyone of the three events left in 2015, there is an extra $250 bonus that will be paid to that driver!

The rules will remain the same as they are for the balance of 2015, but we are looking at cost saving measures for 2016 and beyond for the Madera Enduro Extreme Series.


The LOANMART Madera Speedway is proud to announce a 6 race Enduro Championship for 2015! The champion will be honored with a big introduction just like our other champions!

Enduro ENTRY FORM, please fill the form our below and fax it, or mail it to the information below; USE THIS FORM FOR THE PUMPKIN SMASH


Key Dates ******
ENTRIES POSTMARKED by the Tuesday of the race week WILL BE Lined up according to the date the entry is received for STARTING POSITIONS***** *****ENTRIES RECEIVED AFTER the Tuesday of race week will FOLLOW LINEUP ON FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED BASIS*****

The pre-entry DEADLINE for the PUMPKIN SMASH IS October 15th, after that date you will pay $150 at the track to enter (we need a good count of cars for scheduling of the event).

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO Short Track Management, LLC , OR FAX CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO: (again, you can pay at the track if you wish to, but you must still send in your entry by the deadline)

Short Track Management, LLC 1300 Fairway Drive Atwater, CA 95301
Office 209-356-1968, fax 209-356-1968

Entry fee is $100.00 and can be mailed with entry form, or you may pay at the track. Entry fee includes driver and Transponder rental fee. Entry forms must be postmarked by Tuesday of race week. All late entries will be $150.00. Additional crew members are $40.00 and will be collected at the pit gate before entrance. All scoring will be by AMB Transponders and clips for mounting transponders are $8.00 each at the track.


Driver Name_____________________________________ Social Security Number_______________ Address____________________________

City_________________ State_____ Zip Code_________ Telephone Number _____________________________

Car Make ______________Model_________________ Car # _____ Credit Card #_____________________________ Visa/MC___________ Exp.

Date_________ The undersigned has read the rules and accepts the decision of the officials as final and elects to use the grounds or track in their present condition. They all agree to have their car at the track, and signed in at the registration window and in tech on race day, or they will not be eligible to run (no refunds on race day).

A Minor's release must be signed before entering the pit area for anyone 14-18 years of age. DRIVER SIGNATURE: ________________________________________DATE:_____________

Regular Enduro Purse

30 cars or more
1-$1,000 Trophy, 2-$500 Trophy, 3- $300 Trophy, 4-$125, 5-$100, 6-$75, 7-$75, 8-$60, 9-$60, 10-$60, 11-$55, 12-$55, 13-$50, 14-$50, 15-$50
16-29 cars
1-$500, 2-$250, 3-$200, 4-$100, 5-$75, 6-$50, 7-$50, 8-$50, 9-$50, 10-$50, 11-$20, 12-$20, 13-$20, 14-$20, 15-$20
15 cars or less
1-$250, 2-$125, 3-$100, 4-$50, 5-$40, 6-$25, 7-$25, 8-$25, 9-$25, 10-$25, 11-$10, 12-$10, 13-$10, 14-$10, 15-$10

Note, the Pumpkin Smash Purse is Supported by Pabst blue Ribbon, therefore it is a bigger purse.


ATTENTION ALL ENDURO DRIVERS, if we get 41 or more cars there will be a $500 Blind Draw sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, at the start of the race a car number will be drawn from a beer cup, and that driver will recieve a $500 bonus that night no moatter where they finish!

(This purse is based on a 30 + car field, it will be reduced for less cars) 1st - $2000 + trophy, 2nd - $500 + trophy, 3rd - $300 + trophy, 4th 150, 5th 125, 6th & 7th 100, 8th, 9th & 10th $75, 11th & 12th 60, 13th,14th & 15th 50. (This purse is based on a 30 car field)

16-29 cars / Enduro Purse for the Pumpkin Halloween Bash 1st - $1,000 + trophy, 2nd - $400 + trophy, 3rd - $250 plus trophy 4th - $125, 5th -$100, 6th -10th $75, 11th-15th $40 Based on 29 plus cars,

15 cars or less, the purse will be cut in half.

Purses will be adjusted according to the car count

The Madera Speedway is proud to support the West Coast Enduro Association. The WCE rules are in effect for this 4 race championship, the speedway will work from this set of rules will the only exception being the Madera Speedway has no minimum wheel base and is open to foreign made cars as well as American made.

Below are the West Coast Enduro Rules being used at Madera in 2015; Note, we allow compacts at Madera, both 4 and 6 cylinder cars.

2015 Rules


2015 RULES & REGULATIONS rev. 1/14
(only change is the addition of a 4412 for dirt races only)


*Rules Intent: The intent of these rules is to keep all enduro cars on an even playing field. The rules stated do not cover every car out there. There are cars that came stock with aluminum heads, composite intakes, fuel injection, limited slip etc. The intent of the rules is to keep the particular car stock as possible.
**This rules package is subject to change via majority consensus from the WCE members.
*** Tracks may open up the race to like cars such as pure stocks, mini stocks, mini trucks etc to help provide a larger field of cars. WCE is not responsible for the rules package of these other cars. It will be a track decision. Check your local track!

This event has been created to provide an opportunity for the novice or hobbyist driver to participate in a competitive racing event with a minimum of expense. The word "Stock" will mean unaltered and as originally factory produced and installed for the year, make and model. NO "PURE STOCK OR STREET STOCK" race cars.

1955-2002 American 2-door and 4-door cars, (no 3 valve motors). NO vans, convertibles, pick-up trucks(1/2 ton with stock ride height may be approved, check with your track), SUV, subcompacts or Jeeps. NO bolt-on tops allowed. NO fiberglass or kit cars. NO 4-Wheel drives. Cars may be rear or front wheel drive. Engines and bodies must be matched make-to-make for year and model. All competing cars must have a factory wheel- base of no less than 95" and be no greater than 128". (See specific track, as some will allow shorter wheel base cars including foreign cars)

The intent of the engine rule is to keep it stock with no more than 9:1 compression, engines that appear to be outside the general guidelines will be subject to inspection, including pulling intake, valve covers, checking pistons, compression test not to exceed 180# per cylinder. (known exception is the ford 4.6L,2v motor commonly found in taxi cabs and police cars is 195# per cylinder)
Factory engine and components with one (1) stock carburetor. Carburetor that requires an adapter plate is NOT allowed. No Holley 4412 or other race specific carburetor (only exception is on a dirt car in a dirt race, to help with dirt race car counts), NO pressurized tanks or aftermarket electric fuel pumps. Cars with stock electric fuel pump must have a bright colored, accessible cutoff switch on the left side of the dash. Cylinder heads & block must be cast iron. No porting or polishing allowed. No Vortex cylinder heads (unless they came stock on your particular car). Rockers must be steel stamped may not run roller cam or roller rockers. No header or speed equipment of any kind.

NO STROKER MOTORS. Stock intake and exhaust manifolds only (stock aluminum intake with factory casting #'s is ok, no headers). High performance or aftermarket aluminum intakes are not permitted. Marine-type intakes are not permitted. Must have a minimum of seventeen (17) inches of manifold vacuum @ 1000 rpm. Engine must be in stock location and position. Aftermarket exhaust pipe/tail pipes are allowed, however they may NOT be over 2½" diameter. Tailpipes may exit in front of rear tires. Car must run under mandatory track sound level of 95dba at 100 feet.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Engine fan, valve covers, air cleaner, radiator may be replaced with any aftermarket item. May replace distributor with HEI, must have coil in cap (no aftermarket remote coils) Replacement steel pulleys are ok as long as they are not aftermarket.

Must be complete and stock, including ALL sheet metal. Drivers door must be welded with a minimum of 10" of weld per seam, or must be bolted shut with a minimum of a 1/8" x 4" flange plate (4 bolts) or chain the door shut with a minimum of 3/8" chain. Top to bottom of door bolted with 5/16" bolts on each side, every 3" apart. Must use fender washers on the inside. Frames must be completely stock. No alterations, bracing, welding, reinforcing etc. May repair frame, replace clip etc. but must do so as to not overbuild the repair, simple plating is allowed. May brace frame rails front and rear with simple round or square pipe connecting the L & R rail together. Must be within 10" of front and rear. Quick release window net must be used. Spoilers, ground affects, decorations and themed cars are encouraged as long as the affects are adequately secured. Aftermarket nose and tailpieces are OK. Any added metal on body to repair holes or to cover head light/tail light openings must have a gauge no thicker than the stock body (18 gauge or less). Any holes in firewall must be covered with sheet metal, same with rear trunk area.

Removal of all glass and plastic is mandatory including headlight, taillights and directional signal lights. Light bulbs and all mirrors must be removed. May have 1 rear view mirror in driver's area. Tech will remove if found to use it for blocking purposes. Side windows must be removed. Opening is to be taped with 3" duct tape. Windshield may be left in or removed. If removed, it must be replaced with screen mesh (1/2" max. opening) and have at least one center support bar, or Lexan covering the entire opening. Cars without a windshield will not be allowed to run without a hood.

Stock steel wheels not exceeding 7" are to be used. Chrome or spoke wheels may be used but must not exceed 7". Wheels may be 13", 14", 15"or 16". All rims on car must be same size but can be different off sets. Oversized studs and 1" lug nuts recommended.

Only D.O.T. approved Passenger Tires allowed. No Racing, ZR rated , or truck tires allowed. Tires may not exceed 8inches in treadwidth. No shaving, grinding, or grooving of tires allowed. 4 and 6cyinder cars must use a 60 series or greater tire. V8 and larger engine cars must use a 70 series or larger tire.

Only one (1) radiator mounted in stock position. A simple 1-3/4" O.D. hoop may be built in front of the radiator for protection, not to extend above radiator or beyond the bumper. Must mount to frame or bumper with only 2 attachments. May replace stock radiator support with aftermarket steel, no more than 1" square hollow tubing may be used, must not be over built. Subject to inspector's approval.

See Page 6 for radiator hoop example.

Battery may be moved inside the driver's compartment; however it must be securely fastened (strapped) in place and must be wrapped in rubber to prevent acid spillage. NO boat type plastic boxes. Only one battery allowed, any size is O.K.

Transmission may be standard or automatic, but must be stock. No hollow converters or non-stock set ups. Flex plate must be steel. Transmission cooler may not be mounted in drivers area, must be on the other side of the firewall. Rear ends must be stock. GM to GM, Mopar to Mopar etc. Locked rear end is optional.

All suspension components must remain stock. No cutting, welding or modifying of components is allowed. Must be in stock location. Stock tie rods, sleeves, ball joints, bushings, idler arm, pitman arm, center link, must be stock. No heim joints or steel bushings. No jack bolts or adjustable spacers allowed. Sway bar if used must have stock type link, no all-thread and both sides must be equal length. Cars must have a minimum of 6" ground clearance from lowest part of frame rail. Ground clearance will be checked.
May replace stock steering shaft with aftermarket. No steering quickeners, removable steering wheel ok. Due to low cost and availability, stock appearing racing springs are allowed but must fit in stock locations. Shocks must be mounted in the stock locations.

Brakes must be stock. Must be standard equipment for year, make and model.

NO reinforcement of bumpers is allowed, however they must be chained or cabled to avoid loss on the racetrack. Bumper chains/cables must be ¼" diameter minimum. Bumper ends shall be bolted to the body to prevent hooking bumpers with another car. Bumpers and front ends that are reinforced creating a "TANK" will not be allowed. Driver will have the chance to modify or will not be able to race. This will be enforced by tech. No trailer hitches.

A roll bar is mandatory (NO galvanized pipe) and must be padded. Must be 1.5" x .120 or 1.75" x .095. Minimum 4-point cage is required; recommend a 6-point cage. Must have support bars between door bars and front uprights/halo to strengthen roll bar in case of a roll over. It is mandatory to have a minimum of 3 door bars on driver's side for safety. May extend 1 bar from roll bar to each front frame rail as long as it does not connect to the radiator and fuel cell simple hoop. Roll bar may be braced from top of hoop 45 degrees to no farther than the rear frame rail. Unibodies must have a minimum 6" x 6" x 1/4" plate on top and bottom of floor with a minimum of four (4) ½" bolts. May use larger plates or beams as long as frame rails are not tied together.
See page 6 for a basic roll bar design option.

Gas tanks must be moved into the trunk with a coiled vent, not left in stock position. Gooseneck must be cut and rubber hose installed. A metal firewall must be installed between the trunk and passenger compartment. A racing style fuel cell is recommended and may be substituted for the stock tank. May not mount fuel cell lower than the top of the pumpkin. Fuel tanks must be securely strapped and secured to frame or unibody. No plumbers tape! Sheet metal must be added to the trunk area to complete fire pan between cell & passenger area/ground. Gasoline powered cars only. NO fuel additives may be used. Fuel line, if run through drivers compartment must be secured inside of conduit or similar type pipe. Fuel shut off recommended.

Car numbers must be on both sides and top of car in a CONTRASTING COLOR. Numbers are to be 18" high and 12" wide. For proper scoring numbers must be easily read from grandstands. Numbers must be CLEAN & BOLD. Driver's name is to appear on top, over door in 3" high letters. Car numbers will be assigned in the order that the entries are received. May use an X or letter of your choice if a car with the same number signs up first. Must be at least 8" tall.

Must have factory equipment safety belts and/or harness. Racing belts are optional but highly recommended. Properly mounted race seat is highly recommended. Helmets are mandatory. NO half helmets. NO motorcycle helmets. ("M" Series helmets are NOT roll bar tested.) Closed face is recommended. Snell (SA) 2000 or newer is required. NO EXCEPTIONS. Drivers racing suit is optional but highly recommended; you must wear a minimum of a long sleeve coat and a long sleeve shirt or a long sleeve sweatshirt. Passenger seat must follow same rules as driver's seat and must have minimum of 3 door bars on the passenger side of the roll bar. (Each track will decide if they will allow passengers.)

No ballast allowed. Water tanks must be 25 gallons or less. Fuel cells must not be larger than 35 gallons. Extra metal added to increase weight percentages is not be allowed. Roll bars that are filled with any substance to increase rear weight will disqualify the car.