Madera Speedway Racer Rewards Program

Get paid for your fans that attend to watch you race! That's right; the new Racer Rewards Program at the Madera Speedway is doing exactly that, paying the race drivers for the fans that support them!

All Short Track Members of the Madera Speedway are eligible to sign up for the program. Just fill out the form below and fax it to the race office at 209-356-1968.

Here is how the program works;

* The driver will receive the amount of coupons they have requested, each of these coupons will have the drivers name printed on the coupons. (note, these are not discount coupons, they are credit coupons for the driver)
* Drivers will give these coupons out to their fans.
* Fans will give the coupon to the person at the grandstand ticket window when they purchase their race event ticket.
* The driver will receive a $1 credit for each fan that submits a coupon.
* The driver's credit will be logged and kept on file so the driver can use this credit at pit registration for future events. (must be a minimum of $20 of credit for use)

Example, if a driver in the Racer Rewards Program has 100 fans turn in coupons for a race, then that driver will have a $100 credit at the Pit Registration booth at the next event in which their class competes.

_____________________________________________________________________________________Cut Here and fax below

Racer Rewards Program Application (Program begins 6-15-12)

Drivers Name_________________________________________________________________________




Phone Number________________________________________________________________________

Number of coupons you would like begin with; 50____ 100____200____250____

Short Track Member of the Madera Speedway
; Yes_____ No______

If no, you must purchase a Short Track Membership, the cost is $95 per season. You will receive $10 off on your pit pass, plus the Racer Rewards $$$$$. Make your check payable to Short Track Management, LLC and mail it to the race office at 1300 Fairway Drive, Atwater CA, 95301. Make sure you send this application with the check.

If you are already a Short Track Member you may fax this form to 209-356-1968

Note, the intent of this program is to grow the fan base at the Madera Speedway and to reward drivers that assist with the growth of the race track. The program will track the drivers that have the biggest fan base, and it will allow the management of the Madera Speedway to reward these drivers, including a yearend award at the banquet to the driver with the biggest base. The program can be canceled at any time if management feels it is not working, or it is being misused in anyway. Drivers will be allowed to use their credits of $20 or more if the program is canceled.

Driver Signature_____________________________________________________________________