Hobby Stock Short Track Shootout at LOANMART MADERA SPEEDWAY


Key dates;
" Pre-Entry is open from 9-20-13 to 10-4-13.
" Late-Entry will be open until October 19th.
" Practice and technical inspection for the event is Friday October 18th (times TBA pending entry list), you may also go thru technical inspection on Saturday Oct. 19th.
" The race event is Saturday October 19th

The October 19th Hobby Stock Shootout is open to all drivers ages 14 and older, the rules are simple and the race procedures are straight forward.

How to make the main event;
Cars will qualify for starting positions, then there will be a card draw for the top ten starting spots. There will be a "B" main if the field exceed 24 cars.

The rules; Hobby Stock Shootout Rules
1. All cars must weigh 3,300 or more prior to qualifying and any race. Bite bolts and weight jacks ok.
2. Normally Aspirated engines only, engine block and cylinder head must be cast iron. All engines must be wet sump, and may be any cubic inch.
3. Carburetors must be 4412 or equivalent 500 cfm. Must fit Go-No-Go Gauges for 4412. If the engine is a stock 602 crate, then you may run a 4-barrel.
4. Wheels must be 7" or less, and must be steel.
5. Any treaded tire ok.
6. All cars must have stock floor pan and firewall.
7. All cars must run a transponder.
8. Safety will be firmly enforced, make sure your equipment is up to speed.

This race is open to all Toyota Sedans; the 2013 Toyota Sedan rules will be used to tech the Sedans for the October 19th event. The only exception is there will be no track width rule in place for the sedans for this event.

Race Procedures; the race is a 50 lap, split 25's format with a half time break of 10 minutes at lap 25. 1. Teams can work on their race cars all the way up until the green flag of the first segment without penalty, or position loss. 2. Teams can work on their cars at the halfway break, they may change anything they want except tires, and each car must remain on the tires the car qualified on. A team may work on the car before the green flag of the second segment without penalty, or loss of position. 3. If a car is worked on after the green flag has been thrown for either the first 25, or second 25 lap segment, then the car must re-enter the race at the rear of the field. 4. The original start will be double file, all restarts for the Hobby Stock Short Track Shoot Out will be double file, but the leader has earned the right to set the pace, and it will be the leader that accelerates first in the starting box. 5. Any car that takes out the leader will go to the rear of the field unless the leader is called for blocking, this includes the final lap of the race.

Race Purse - Click here for the purse...


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Please fill out the entry form and fax it to 209-356-1968, or mail it to 1300 Fairway Drive, Atwater California 95301. (Make checks payable to Short Track Management)

Driver's Name _______________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________


Phone _______________________________ Alt. Phone _________________________________

Car # ___________ Engine Type- 602 Crate ( ) Open Engine ( ) Check one

Name of Person responsible for 1099 ________________________________________________

Address of this person ____________________________________________________________


Contact phone number for person responsible for 1099 form _____________________________

Early entry fee $75 (must be paid by October 4th)

Late entry fee $90 (any entry after October 4th)

No Refund of entries (100% of the entry is returned to the purse)

Entry includes car and driver fees for the race. Pit crew members are $40 per pit pass for October 19th, the practice fee for Friday October 18th is $100 per car with no crew member fees. Note, if a driver is racing in another division, that driver must pay an entry fee for this race as well.

If paying by credit card;

Card Number ____________________________________________________________

Exp. Date _______________________________________________________________

Name on credit card ______________________________________________________

Signature _______________________________________________________________

Visa ( ) Mastercard ( ) Check one