Attention drivers, you can call the race office at 209-356-1968 to pre-enter. Leave your name, car number and owners name. You will still pay at the track Saturday, but you will get a discount.

The October 8th , 2016 $10,000 to win LoanMart Short Track Shootout is open to all drivers ages 14 and older, the rules are simple and the race procedures are straight forward. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN THE POINT BATTLE TO WIN THE $10,000, this can be won by a driver that makes their first start of 2014.

Key dates;

" Pre-Entry is open from 9-1-13 to 10-5-13.
" Late-Entry will be open until October 8th.
" Practice and technical inspection for the event is Friday October 7th

The October $10,000 to win LoanMart Short Track Shootout is open to all drivers ages 14 and older, the rules are simple and the race procedures are straight forward.

How to make the main event;

The top ten positions will be filled from qualifying, then each of the top ten drivers will draw a card (the cards have numbers 1-10 on them) giving a starting spot on the grid for the $10,000 to win Short Track Shoot Out. Positions 11-20 will be taken from heat races with another card draw setting these positions, positions 21-22 will come from a last chance race (there will be a "C" main if needed), positions 23, 24, and 25 will come from provisionals given to the top three in the LoanMart Open Series points that do not make the race, and position 26 will come from a blind draw of cars numbers that did not make the $10,000 to win Late Model Short Track Shootout. Note, if no provisionals are used we will tkae more cars from the "B" main.

Late Model Open Rules

1. Any chassis allowed / Body type is open. No nose splitters, wickers, or wings allowed on the car. There is a 48" maximum front overhang measured from the axle measured to the forward most part of the car. There is a 55" maximum rear overhang measured from the rear axle to the rearward most part of the race car body/bumper/spoiler (nothing may extend beyond 55"). Note; If rear bumper rail is exposed, it may only extend a maximum of eight inches (8") beyond the frame. Any exposed rear bumpers rails that extend eight inches (8") or more beyond the frame MUST be rounded and directed towards the front of the car eight inches (8"). The bumper rail must be connected to the interior of the rear side panel

2. Any cast iron block wet sump engine allowed.

3. The engine set-back rule is 1.5" back (the center of the forward most spark plug) on the all non-602 crate engines. Maximum engine set-back for the 602 crate engine is 6" measured the same way.

4. 602 cars are to be 2850lbs total weight. All others are to be 3050lbs. 602 motors must remain OEM from factory and may not turn more than 6,000 RPM's.

5. Any single 4bbl carburetor allowed.

6. Tires are the Hoosier 8.0-15/970 treaded tire.

7. Wheels must be steel and not exceed 8" in width.

8. Competitors must start on the tires they qualified with.

9. Any steel shock, all parts must be steel (Aluminum rod end on the shaft end ok)

10. No traction control devices.

11. All competing cars will not exceed 79" inch track width, it will be measured from the bulge outside to outside of the front tires at the spindle height.

12. Rear Spoiler may be no wider than 70", and no taller than 7". There may be NO forward support of any kind, no boxed ends or runners. No Gurney lip, or any type of wicker bill on the upper edge of the spoiler. The base of the spoiler (the point where the spoiler is attached to the quarter panels) may be NO farther back than 48" from the centerline of the rear axle.

13. Tour Car Rule - New for 2015 we have a "Tour Car" rule, you may run a tour legal car in the LoanMart Open Late Model series. Track width must not exceed 64.5", must use an all steel shock (aluminum rod end on shaft end ok, aluminum coil over kit ok). Left side weight not to exceed 58%, minimum weight is 3,050 pounds prior to race and qualifying. Must use 8" steel wheel and the Hoosier 8.0-15/970 treaded tire.

Race Procedures; the race is a 125 laps, there will be a break at the 50 and 100 lap mark and each pays 5 championship bonus points. (may be stopped at 46, 47, 48 etc… if a caution comes out at that point, same for the 100 lap mark). Cars will go back to the pit area during the breaks.
1. Teams can work on their race cars all the way up until the green flag of the first 50 lap segment without penalty, or position loss.
2. Teams can work on their cars at both breaks, they may change anything they want except tires, and each car must remain on the tires the car qualified on. A team may work on the car before the green flag of each break without penalty, or loss of position.
3. If a car is worked on after the green flag has been thrown from a break, then the car must re-enter the race at the rear of the field.
4. The original start will be double file, all restarts for the $10,000 to win Short Track Shoot Out will be double file, but the leader has earned the right to set the pace, and it will be the leader that accelerates first in the starting box.
5. Any car that takes out the leader will go to the rear of the field unless the leader is called for blocking, this includes the final lap of the race. There will be two track video cameras on the leader at all times, and the video review (instant replay) will be used to make these calls, and they will be final.

The top ten from qualifying lock into the field, positions 11-20 will be filled from the heat races, positions 21-24 will come from the B Main, and positions 25 & 26 will come from the top drivers in the points that do not make the main event.

Safety will be firmly enforced, make sure your equipment is up to speed. Charged Fire System Mandatory. Head and Neck Restraint System mandatory. Belts, window net, and Helmets must be SA 2005 or newer. All Drivers must wear SFI rated suit, gloves, and shoes. SFI undergarments are recommended.
All cars must run a transponder mounted 12" behind the rear axle.

Bonus Bucks for teams that have competed in 4 of the 8 race series;

All drivers that compete in four of the eight races in the series are eligible for the Bonus Bucks on the final race of the 2015 series. The highest finishing eligible driver on championship night will receive $1,000 in LoanMart Bonus Cash, plus their payout for the race. So if that driver wins the race they will receive $11,000, $1,000 in bonus bucks and $10,000 for the race win.

The second highest finisher on championship night that raced in at least four of the eight races will receive a $500 bonus in addition to their regular payout, and the third and fourth highest finishers will receive $250 each in LoanMart Bonus Cash.

Bonus Bucks for anyone that enters into the $10,000 to win LoanMart Short Track Shootout;

Thanks to Hoosier racing tires there will also be a blind draw, two lucky drivers that do not make the $10,000 to win main event will take home some extra cash for just being at the LoanMart Madera Speedway and trying to make the race on October 18th. The first car number drawn that did not make the "A" Main will receive a $200 bonus, and the second car number drawn will receive a $100 bonus. Thanks to LoanMart the fastest qualifier will receive a $100 bonus.

Click here to go to the breakdown of the "A" Main purse.

LoanMart has a history of getting loans to their customers fast, and in that same tradition all the prize money and bonus bucks will be paid out to the competitors the night of the event.

The $10,000 to win Late Model Short Track Shootout on October 10th is OPEN TO ALL DRIVERS.


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Please fill out the entry form and fax it to 209-356-1968, or mail it to 1300 Fairway Drive, Atwater California 95301. (Make checks payable to Short Track Management)

Driver's Name _______________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________


Phone _______________________________ Alt. Phone _________________________________

Car # ___________ Engine Type- 602 Crate ( ) Open Engine ( ) Check one

Name of Person responsible for 1099 ________________________________________________

Address of this person ____________________________________________________________


Contact phone number for person responsible for 1099 form _____________________________

Early entry fee $190 (must be paid by October 8th)

Late entry fee $225 (any entry after October 8th)

No Refund of entries

Entry includes car and driver fees for the race. Pit crew members are $40 per pit pass for October 18th, the practice fee for Friday October 17th is $40 per pit pass with no fee for the car.

If paying by credit card;

Card Number ____________________________________________________________

Exp. Date _______________________________________________________________

Name on credit card ______________________________________________________

Signature _______________________________________________________________

Visa ( ) Mastercard ( ) Check one